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Save time and money

So you're driving down the road and you have a large truck in front of you.  All of a sudden a rock hits your windshield and chips it.  Small cracks and chips can be fixed and repair the integrity of your windshield.  Our trained technicians will fill the crack or chip with our resin, try to make the chip less visible and get you back on the road as quick as possible.


Call 724-498-4217 today if you have a crack or chip and we can evaluate if this is the answer for you.

The benefits of fixing a chip or crack

• The repair takes less time than a replacement

• If it is not repaired, temperature fluctuations and cause the crack or  

  chip to grow and may result in a full replacement

• The repair costs less than a full replacement

• This can be done by our mobile service as well

Chips and cracks can grow!

Stop them before your window needs replaced

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